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M’sia to celebrate their independence day at Orchard Road too

M’sia to celebrate their independence day at Orchard Road too

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China, Indonesia, Pakistan and India also planning on doing so.


After news broke that the Philippines will be allowed to celebrate their independence day at Orchard Road in June this year, Malaysia has also indicated its interest in doing likewise.

One Malaysian spokesperson, Mah Lai Ren, said: “I think Singapore would be an ideal place for celebrating Malaysia’s national day on Aug. 31, since Singapore is quite near and we no need to clean up after ourselves as its not our own country.”

“Plus, the Singapore authorities seem very open-minded and friendly to this concept of other countries’ national day, so we will just hold it at Plaza Singapura outside the Istana.”

After Malaysia expressed its interest, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and India, including several other countries, have also said they are contemplating holding their independence day celebrations in Singapore.

China said they would want to hold it at Marina Bay Sands.

Indonesia are planning on holding it outside Plaza Singapura as well, but closer to MacDonald House side.

Pakistan and India said they are thinking of holding it surrounding the Little India area where there are lesser restrictions on movement and alcohol.

Currently, up to 137 other countries are on the waiting list seeking approval to celebrate their respective national days in Singapore.

Anyone who opposes or indicates any unwillingness to let these countries celebrate here in Singapore are bigots.