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5-hour queues for Hello Kitty cafe at Changi Airport signal no need for mature democracy in S’pore

5-hour queues for Hello Kitty cafe at Changi Airport signal no need for mature democracy in S’pore


Who needs a participatory culture and healthy debate on public policy when you have Hello Kitty?


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe apathy is the way forward, are nodding their heads in approval.

This after hundreds of people started queuing at 7am for the new Hello Kitty cafe to open on a weekday work day, Thursday, May 12, 2016, at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.

The cafe officially opened its doors at 11.30am.

One Singaporean, Seow Mao Mee, said she is heartened by this show of support and solidarity by Singaporeans: “This shows that Singaporeans are united as one for a common cause, putting our money where our mouth is.”

“Who needs a mature democracy when you have Hello Kitty?”

“A participatory culture can take a back seat as long as Hello Kitty is around.”

However, other Singaporeans said choosing Hello Kitty above employment, or anything else for that matter, is a matter of choice and a sign that democracy is alive and well.

Another local, Mei Zhui Ba, said: “We shouldn’t shortchange ourselves by taking the route to maturing our democracy at more costs as it is clear Singaporeans would rather prefer a cat with no mouth.”

“A democracy where people are involved in politics all the time is quite dull. We need more pink outfits and ribbons on our heads.







Hello Kitty’s boyfriend, Dear Daniel, is also a little girl, not a cat

Hello Kitty’s boyfriend, Dear Daniel, is also a little girl, not a cat

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Second round of shock waves emanating across the globe.


Following the shocking revelation that Hello Kitty is in fact not a cat but a little girl, as clarified by its creator Sanrio, Hello Kitty fans around the planet were in for another shock.

It has just been announced that Hello Kitty’s supposed boyfriend Dear Daniel, is also not a cat, but is actually also a little girl.

A press statement issued by Hello Kitty’s creator read: “He’s a cartoon character. He is a little girl. He is a friend. But he is not a cat. He’s never depicted on all fours. He walks and sits like a two-legged creature.”

Dear Daniel’s real name is Daniel Starr, a very effeminate name, which was all along a clue that he is a girl.

Dear Daniel also has a pet of his own and the pet is a hamster.

This has raised the ire of some segments of society who want more clarity as to the gender and species of other cartoon characters such as Doramon, Godzilla, Crayon Shin-chan and Ultraman.


Another mishap story:
S’porean student gets pregnant playing university’s Freshmen Orientation Camp games

Thousands of S’poreans took leave to stay home to buy Hello Kitty toy online

Thousands of S’poreans took leave to stay home to buy Hello Kitty toy online

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Move to reduce queues at McDonald’s end up pulling down GDP growth by 1 percent, experts predict.


Thousands of Singaporeans stayed home on April 23, 2014 so that they can be the first to log into the McDonald’s website to purchase the Hello Kitty toy that launched at 11am.

This move to change the way the Hello Kitty toys are being sold is due to long queues at McDonald’s the previous times, affecting the economic growth of Singapore.

However, experts believe that the online anonymity offered through selling the toy over the Internet has emboldened the Hello Kitty buyers in Singapore to a greater extent, as even more of them engage in this sort of shameless buying behaviour.

Many reportedly feigned illness or took leave just to stay home.

Mai Dang Lao, a local, said: “Previously, I had to think twice about whether I wanted to stand in line to buy at McDonald’s because I might bump into other shameless colleagues and relatives”

“But now I take leave to stay at home and wait for 11am and quickly rush in and buy.”

“As I could not log in because of the high traffic, I took to Facebook to share my abusive views of McDonald’s instead.”

SAF delivers Hello Kitties in time, prevents social chaos

SAF delivers Hello Kitties in time, prevents social chaos

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Thank you SAF, we would have died otherwise.

By Klinsen Soh


Six hours. That was all the time needed to transport one million Singing Bone Hello Kitties to 121 locations across Singapore with military precision.

As the craze in Singapore continued to linger, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) joined in efforts to deal with the situation.

Executed on 27 Jun, the mission involved almost all active servicemen not queueing up for the toys (approximately 20).

Dr Ng Eng Hen, who happened to be present at one of the delivery locations, said from his queue spot: “This is a very good example of protecting our nation in crisis so that we can help those who are vulnerable, and in this instance, those from poorer households as well as people who need the kitties but can’t be arsed to wait 4 hours to get them.”

One of the soldiers, 3rd Sergeant (3SG) Hua Tah Ner, said: “I feel that it’s very meaningful and it’s quite enriching. Meaningful, in a sense that… you feel that you’re contributing to society and giving something back with whatever effort you put in.”

“Also, the prices of the Kitties have dropped by at least $30 since my mission ended,” he quipped, showing various sales threads on his touchscreen phone.

When asked about the big wad of $50 notes in his hand, 3SG Hua declined to comment.

On whether there were any difficulties faced in such a large mobilisation exercise, Commander of Key Resource Support Command Colonel (COL) Buay Chao Kuan said: “We understood the emergency and were able to swiftly tap into our stockpile of 9 million Hello Kitty plushies.”

He continued: “McDonalds played a very dangerous game when they chose to create conflict and unrest. People fighting, wasting food, even prostituting themselves, all for the sake of a stupid plush doll made in China. We are proud to have done our part in defending the nation from its biggest crisis since 2000.”

New Nation understands that MINDEF is in midst of banning Mcdelivery to camps because of this incident.

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