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S’poreans don’t know how to get their priorities right

S’poreans don’t know how to get their priorities right


They contradict themselves more often than not.


The upcoming free MRT ride scheme starting next month is leaving many Singaporeans in a tizzy, even when they don’t realise it.

Announced in April this year, commuters who take the MRT to the city area before 745 a.m. on weekdays will be able to travel free from June 24 onwards.

However, some Singaporeans think that their choice for taking or not taking the free ride is fully rational and explainable.

“I’ll prefer to pay $1.80 to sleep one hour more,” so says the Singaporean who wouldn’t pay $0.99 for an app.

Others who are inclined to take the free ride, believe they have what it takes to be frugal.

“Yes, I’ll wake up early so I can save a few dollars a week,” so says the Singaporean woman who splurges on Miu Miu wallets.

In the end, self-delusion is the best guard against delusion.

“Waking up early is just about making some lifestyle changes, so it’s no big deal,” so says the Singaporean who cannot quit smoking no matter how hard one tries.