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Foreplay caused improper grammar usage in MOE Facebook note

Foreplay caused improper grammar usage in MOE Facebook note

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Female social media administrator incorrectly used the word “redress” instead of “address”.

The Ministry of Education published a Facebook note on July 4 in response to critics’ charge that the organisation in charge of education is biased towards teachers who are virgins.

However, the social media note ended up using the wrong grammar and has dunked the MOE’s Facebook administrator in hot water.

The sentence in question?

“But let us take this opportunity to redress the issue”.

This is incorrect. The correct term should have been “address” instead of “redress”.

Following internal investigations, it was discovered that the culprit for bludgeoning grammar is a 21-year-old female social media administrator for MOE named Lai Shuo Kan.

Lai Shuo Kan is a harlot for posting such photos on her Facebook.

She admitted to having foreplay the night before with her boyfriend, resulting in the wrongful use of grammar when she was composing the note as her mind was still muddled up with impure thoughts.

She also confessed to eating strawberries with whipped cream while lying on her boyfriend’s chest, revealing her right knee, which MOE regards as inappropriate dressing even for after office hours.

She should have covered her legs all the way to her ankles.

Later, she went home to shower and took off all her clothes in the process, further proving once and for all she’s a harlot because she got naked.

A spokesperson familiar with the case, said: “We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to our staff behaving like harlots and committing carnal sins.”

This case is set to go down into the anals of history as it is the first time MOE has referred a female social media administrator to the Ministry of Corruption Reduction And Prevention (MinCRAP) for rehabilitation.

To prove that action speaks louder birds, MinCRAP has in recent weeks taken a tough approach against sexual corruption ever since charges were brought against ex-SCDF commissioner Peter Lim who had sexy times with different women in exchange for business deals.

An Anti Sex Squad (ASS) has already been established and more than 600 people have been arrested and taken into custody the past three weeks for being in secluded locations at night without a valid reason.

Those arrested or referred to MinCRAP are taken into custody and brought to Sim Lim Tower where they are reminded of the greatest good.

As all public servants have already been issued a personal exercise book that is to be carried around during and after office hours, they have to take it out and copy the lines seen outside the Sim Lim Tower 500 times once they are brought there.

Sexual Misconduct is the root of all evils. Repeat 500 times.

This is done while kneeling down to aid reflection.