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S’poreans less smug about having vacationed in US before following Trump win

S’poreans less smug about having vacationed in US before following Trump win

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Trump victory reveals Land Of The Free quite wretched all along.


Singaporeans from some walks of life, who like to travel because they believe it makes them more cosmopolitan, are more shy in revealing they have vacationed in the United States before.

This after Donald Trump’s election victory to become the president of United States revealed that the supposed Land Of The Free is, in fact, somewhat backward and bogged down by economic inequality, as well as being filled with repressed feelings of white supremacy all along.

One Singaporean, Jiak Hong, said: “In the past, I would start off by telling people I have travelled to Australia and Europe and going down the list of countries I’ve visited, before pausing for effect, and relating my experiences vacationing in the US, as if it was a big deal.”

“Now when I look at it, it is hard to feel proud about the fact I spent several weeks in a country filled with angry white people who were holding it in all along as they had it terrible the past decade fighting low economic growth and an utter lack of opportunity.”

Other locals said visiting the US used to be a prized narrative that they would share when they attended family gatherings and other events their colleagues and peers would show up at.

Another Singaporean, Jin Pai Seh, said: “Now, on hindsight, telling people you’ve been to the US is like saying you survived Hell Week or boot camp or something.”

“It’s a place where people there didn’t want you visiting in the first place.”

“Still a badge of honour, nonetheless, but you might as well say you’ve been to Afghanistan for vacation.”

“At least the problems in that country are not a result of their own people’s fault.”







70% of S’poreans congratulate US for becoming one-party country

70% of S’poreans congratulate US for becoming one-party country

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Just like ours.


Singaporeans from a particular walk of life, who swing a certain way, have come out to congratulate Donald Trump for winning the US presidential election.

This after he defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and helped the Republican Party to take back the White House.

Polls also showed that the Republican Party made a clean sweep, winning majority seats and controlling both the Congress and Senate, effectively turning the US into a one-party state.

One Singaporean, Pi Ey Pee, said: “I would like to congratulate the American people. They have chosen the right path of making America great again by becoming a one-party state.”

“Having a one-party system has worked wonders for Singapore, although admittedly, Singapore has got more opposition in our House than Americans do.”

“But one leader can do more for the country than two opposing factions can.”

Other locals said they are glad Americans have seen the light.

Another Singaporean, Zuo Zong Tong said: “We are glad Americans have taken a stance against a democracy and diversity, which has resulted in years of economic stagnation and value destruction.”

“A one-party state will ensure all laws and policies get passed unhindered and without gridlock.”

“The United States truly has a First World Parliament.”







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