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MRT is S’pore’s No. 1 disruptive technology

MRT is S’pore’s No. 1 disruptive technology

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Disrupting the lives of thousands of Singaporeans every other day.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to take public transport because cars are for rich people, are applauding in the direction of MRT trains.

This after it was found that the MRT in Singapore is the number one disruptive technology leading the way in the country, as it has broken down again.

One Singaporean, Didi Pai, said: “Singapore is always trying to develop disruptive technologies to disrupt the existing industries.”

“Well, the MRT in Singapore has been nothing but disruptive to everybody’s lives for quite a long time now. About time Singaporeans recognise it as the disruptive technology it is.”

Other locals said recognising the MRT as a disruptive technology is just a first step.

Another local, Huai Leow, said: “What we need to do now is to keep the MRT as disruptive as ever.”

“Since it is so disruptive, we need to keep it disrupting.”

“This is the real meaning of ‘disruptive’.”







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