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China opens new departmental store called ‘Tanks’ to woo S’poreans

China opens new departmental store called ‘Tanks’ to woo S’poreans

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They saw our interest in tanks lately and capitalised on it.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who love to go shopping overseas, can look forward to a whole new shopping experience.

This after China opened a new departmental store, Tanks, to woo Singaporean shoppers.

One Chinese businessman, Tan Lui, said: “We heard Singaporeans like tanks a lot lately, so we decided to come up with a concept store called ‘Tanks’.”

“This is catered to our clientele from Singapore who love to buy and ship things from overseas to their own homes without hassle.”

Chinese businesses and courier services have promised to ship all purchased items to their desired destination overseas without delays or unnecessary holdups.

One Chinese local, Song Dong Xi, said: “Rest assured, we will fulfill all shipments on time.”

“There will be no seizures or checks done on purchases.”

“And if there are delays, rest assured, we will explain why.”







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