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Private tutors in S’pore must pass compulsory exams to show mastery of the subjects they teach

Private tutors in S’pore must pass compulsory exams to show mastery of the subjects they teach

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Or else, they cannot get license to teach tuition.


Singapore looks set to pass a law to require private tuition teachers to take and pass compulsory exams in subjects they teach to show that they have mastery over their knowledge and are up to date with the national school syllabus.

This move comes after Singaporeans mooted the idea for Ministry of Education teachers to take national exams to prove that they have what it takes to do well in subjects they teach, before they are allowed to step into classrooms.

Private tutors who fail to get distinction in the subjects they teach will not be issued a license. Those who get below distinction will be asked to attend remedial classes.

Those who fail will be demanded to change professions and go into other economy-enhancing professions, such tourism or working in the casinos.

One Singaporean tutor, Qi Bu Xi, said she is delighted at this news as it will cause an attrition of the number of private tuition teachers with only the best surviving: “I appreciate how the government is looking out for us private tutors, as these compulsory exams will cause only those exam-savvy ones to be retained and earn the bulk of the money.”

“Plus, the private tuition industry needs to be licensed as there are many tutors out there who don’t contribute CPF and pay taxes annually as they do not declare their income.”

“A licensing scheme will also allow a better differentiation between those tutors who can make it and those who cannot make it.”

“The next step is accreditation, where tutors who score better on the compulsory exam are allowed to charge more for their services.”

“It is a win-win situation for the government and the people.”


Tuition will lead to life-long dependency on assistance:

Students must be self-reliant, private tuition to be made illegal next year






Public transport is cheap – not

Public transport is cheap – not

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The Straits Times forum page writer debunked. With evidence.

What is the distance and cost of travelling between Bangkok and Singapore?

It costs S$39.52 to fly 1425km from Bangkok to Singapore! I am amazed indeed!