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Reader writes: Public buses are great!

Reader writes: Public buses are great!

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And why you shouldn’t mind the trains breaking down all the time.

Dear New Nation editors,

Two days ago, as Singapore’s MRT system went down again with the same frequency as Man United’s Nani, I watched with interest at the way stranded commuters were ferried from one destination to another in back-up shuttle buses.

I must say, everything was conducted in an orderly fashion that is beftting of our First World status.

That is why I do not understand how come there is so much fuss with trains breaking down.

Look, every time trains break down, commuters actually get to ride on an alternative form of transport for free. How is that not a good deal?

So, instead of hoping that the trains work like clockwork, shouldn’t people be praying for it to malfunction?

Because from having to pay to not having to pay, it’s a steal.

Moreover, riding buses has its plus points. You can get to sit down and relax.

Even if you don’t, it’s still ok.

Why? Because the bus is very big, it is very spacious. People can stand anywhere they like as I always notice there is empty areas towards the back of the bus.

This just shows that there is no need for people to move in as buses are big enough.

Plus, taking buses is also so much better as all commuters need to do is to put their lives into the hands of a bus driver, who barely makes $1,300 a month.

They can then proceed to molest their smartphones with nary a care in the world.

Moreover, commuters on a bus get to see the wonderful scenery outdoors – if it is not obscured by other people’s bums or torsos, for example.

I also heard that buses these days are very convenient. People, if they really have to, can take a bus to anywhere they like because the routes are well-connected.

It is worth it – if you don’t mind taking more than an hour just to get anywhere on average.

One other reason is because bus fares can be very cheap – if you simply go according to distance.

Since that’s the case, people should always aim not to go to places that are too far away for them.

If people know that they stay in Pasir Ris, they shouldn’t aim to enter university.

NTU and NUS are simply too far away to warrant going to school for four years and making it all worthwhile for a sheet of paper that is getting more and more undervalued as cheaper and more employable immigrants flood our local market.

Therefore, Pasir Ris people shouldn’t bother getting a degree at all. They should just go to work at Downtown East, which is nearer.

Likewise, people in Jurong should never contemplate going overseas. The airport is simply too far.

West side people should always just remain in Singapore.

Or go to Johor Bahru.

It is needless to say that everyone should sort out their entire life plans based on distance of travel and, therefore, this should solve all transport woes.

Once people stop travelling so far, they wouldn’t need to gripe about the state of public transport.

Therefore, of course, everyone should aim to own a car.

Only then, will you get very far.

Yours sincerely,
A Proud Car Owner