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S’porean man opens BoobsActually store to be even more figurative about love of literature

S’porean man opens BoobsActually store to be even more figurative about love of literature


When he says “tit”, he really means “lit”.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know men are animals when left to their own devices, cannot wait for a new book store to open in the latest gentrified enclave like Whampoa or something.

This after a book store that was previously opened in strategically chosen gentrified enclaves to allow people in Singapore to embrace lit, ended up as a place to embrace tit instead, sparking nation-wide soul-searching.

In the wake of this figurative twist of not meaning what you say because all is clear when the veil comes down, one Singaporean man decided to up the ante figuratively by calling his new book store “BoobsActually” to show that he loves books and not boobs, because people enjoy not understanding things literally and pride themselves for having this skill.

The Singaporean, Kenny Secks, who is opening the store, said: “Everybody loves a good plot twist. When books eventually turned into boobs, we all take turns to flagellate ourselves because how can all of us, literature lovers — lovers of reading between the lines, deconstruction, and unpacking multilayered truths — avoided all the red flags.”

“So, why not we start with the plot twist at the front. If I say “boobs” and people refuse to believe things are so simple and think I mean “books”, it is less likely people will think I am a pervert.”

“I think tits will make the breast of it.”

“I mean, I think this will make the best of it.”

Other Singaporeans who heard the new shop name, said they are impressed as something so upfront will not be read as a red flag, as it is a homage to the signified and signifier and whole semiotics shebang, despite there being nothing more to it.

Another Singaporean, Pu Na Nee, said: “A book store named after the romantic movie Love Actually is bound to elicit feelings of romance and be infused with certain romanticised notions of what it means and is like to work in an indie outfit peddling paper.”

“If the book store was named after The Human Centipede, so the shop is actually called ‘The Book Centipede’, I doubt the lovey dovey feeling can be sustained or be there from the start at all.”

“And if the book store was called The 120 Books of Sodom, there would have been nudity for sure.”

“But it would also have been a massacre.”