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Tens of thousands of men run Army Half Marathon but complain cannot pass IPPT 2.4km run

Tens of thousands of men run Army Half Marathon but complain cannot pass IPPT 2.4km run

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Leading scientists in Singapore still struggling to explain this strange phenomenon.


Leading sports scientists and health and military researchers in Singapore have made a startling discovery that currently remains as unsolvable as the Big Bang and ALS.

They found out that the majority of those 46,000 participants who took part to run the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon at Marina Bay on Aug. 31 are those very same men who complain they cannot pass their annual 2.4km IPPT run.

Chao Keng Kia, a leading scientist trained in human physiological studies and sports sciences, said: “Every time Singapore got marathon or some long distance race, you see tens of thousands of these men damn garang, morning wake up very early, put on their gear and have a go at it, 10 or 20km, no problem.”

“But when it comes time to take IPPT, they falter, say cannot pass, RT not fair, NS for locals, jobs for foreigners.”

This mystery is so deep, runners who took part in the half marathon but frequently fail their IPPT, also cannot explain why this is the case.

Mei Li You, a Singaporean man who has been going for IPPT remedial training for the last few years, said: “I also don’t know why I cannot pass my 2.4km IPPT.”

“I can go through school, find a job, get skills certifications, court a girl to become my wife, afford to drive, eat fancy meals, rear children, train for this kind of pointless half marathons, but somehow, I cannot run 2.4km IPPT run.”

“I think it’s a mental challenge.”


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