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God allowed Anglo-Chinese School boys to win rugby final because they prayed harder

God allowed Anglo-Chinese School boys to win rugby final because they prayed harder

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St. Andrew’s Secondary’s boys didn’t pray hard enough.

Photo stolen from Red Sports

Boys from both schools praying before kick-off. Photo stolen from Red Sports

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)’s defeat of St. Andrew’s Secondary (SAS) 28–8 in the final of the National C Division Rugby (Cup) Championship on Aug. 26, 2014 at the new National Stadium sports hub in Kallang, has been revealed to be an act of divine intervention.

In an email interview, God said He allowed ACS(I) to win as they were more sincere when praying before the match kicked off at 4pm.

The Alpha and Omega, who replied to queries through an email correspondence that shone with heavenly colours, said: “I could see most of the ACS(I) boys had their eyes closed and heads bowed, deep in prayer, while a few of the SAS boys on the other hand were goofing off and going through motion, thinking about girls.”

“One of them was even thinking about a boy. Cheeky bastard.”

The Good Shepherd said deciding who should come out top in this year’s head-to-head competition was a no-brainer as SAS boys were clearly having trouble with their faith.

The Light of the World explained: “One of the SAS boys said he was even willing to give up the pleasures of life for a week, if you know what I mean, but he went back on his word on day three.”

The Eternal One also said last year’s rugby final was a bit tougher to call and it was a toss-up between both sides, but was eventually won by SAS, who were victorious for the first time over ACS(I) with a 14-13 scoreline.

The Everlasting Father said he had to decide a winner last year by going through old records and found substantiating evidence that some of the SAS boys had been giving more tithes in church and abstaining from alcohol.


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