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Jailing Amos Yee’s slapper shows it’s okay to hit a child in public only if it’s your own kid

Jailing Amos Yee’s slapper shows it’s okay to hit a child in public only if it’s your own kid

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No one would have called the police if it was his own parent who did it.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who agree that you spoil the child when you spare the rod, said they understand the court’s ruling for sentencing the man who slapped Amos Yee in public to three weeks jail time.

One Singaporean, Sai Yee Bah, said: “This is a clear message from the courts that it is not okay to slap a child in public across the face, especially if it is not your own child.”

“But it would have been okay to slap a child across the face like how the man slapped Amos Yee if it is your own child. When that happens, it is called ‘discipline’ and it will be a parent’s god-given responsibility.”

“Otherwise, it is abuse and you will be liable for jail time.”

Other Singaporeans said the 49-year-old man, Neo Gim Huah, who admitted to voluntarily causing hurt to the teenager, has greatly helped clarify the law in Singapore with his premeditated actions.

Da Xiao Ren, a local, said: “No one would have been outraged or called the police if the slapper was Amos Yee’s parent.”

“Therefore, this incident clearly highlights some of the problematic areas with the law in Singapore when it comes to disciplining children by parents, in particular, as the punishment dished out can be brutal but still not considered abuse as it is justified as being familial.”


Let them mingle will help soothe tensions, no? No.:

Adults who assault teenagers in public will be made to hang out with youths as part of rehabilitation


S’poreans want to break abusive childcare teacher’s legs

S’poreans want to break abusive childcare teacher’s legs

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Lynch mode activated after teacher caused boy to suffer shin hair line fracture.

Singaporeans from all walks of life and with varying levels of tolerance are demanding that the death penalty be meted out to a childcare teacher from My First Skool Toa Payoh.

The childcare teacher, seen in a two-part video manhandling a three-year-old boy that resulted in a hairline fracture to the boy’s shin, has been on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse online.

And she fucking deserves it.

Singaporeans are united in lashing out against the teacher, as the incontrovertible proof is on video and cannot be possibly denied or explained away by spin doctors.

This is one aspect of the Internet that must be applauded. Because you cannot spell it out any other way. The proof is in the evidence.

Moreover, all the verbal abuse have been fair-minded and reasonable as they target the teacher’s violent conduct and her going completely ape-shit specifically, and not her gender or, you know, that sensitive thing that we shouldn’t mention in Singapore.

Lawyers that New Nation spoke to said the injured child’s parents must sue and win convincingly.

Zhuo Fa Kuan, a lawyer with a law degree, said: “If not, seriously, fuck justice.”

Video for First Skool abuse part 1:


Video for First Skool abuse part 2:


Boy’s injured leg: