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6 events in your life that are more important than getting your A-Level results

6 events in your life that are more important than getting your A-Level results

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Your A-Level results should not determine your life. There are other more important events.


So, you got your A-Level results back on March 2, 2015 and it feels like it is the end of the world?

Don’t be silly, you’re making small things look big. And because there are other things that could really end your world.

Let’s help you put things into perspective. Here are 6 events in your life that are more important than getting your A-Level results.


1. Your birth


If you weren’t born, none of the things that happen would matter because you wouldn’t be there to observe it.


2. Your death


Getting exam results is one thing. Dying is another. It is not the be-all. But it sure is the end-all.


3. Choosing a flat that is not beside a columbarium


Not choosing correctly can cost you a lot of money and probably even your retirement fund. Would you rather get a B for Econs or potentially lose a few hundred thousand dollars?


4. Choosing a spouse


If you don’t choose properly, it could end in divorce and you losing half your assets. That’s worse than a C for Math.


5. Getting your university results


After your A-Level, you are still a useless person because you don’t have a degree. Therefore, you need to go to university.

And if you fail at university, you would need to take the exams again the next semester and staying back in school for another term is a strain on finances.

Worse, you get expelled for sucking at higher tertiary level.


6. Posting a brainless comment on social media that leads to your expulsion from the country after it goes viral



Worse things can happen later on in life than getting a B for Knowledge and Inquiry.


As you can see, there are more important things in life than your A-Level results.

Don’t fret. There are worse things to ruin your day.


Here is another thing that is more important than your A-Level results:

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About 1,400 ‘A’ Level students let down by education system

About 1,400 ‘A’ Level students let down by education system

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They form 10% who failed and are looking towards Workers’ Party’s newest MP Lee Li Lian for inspiration.

If you don't know who she is, you need to take your head out of your ass.

If you don’t know who she is, you need to take your head out of your ass.

It has been announced on Friday that about 90.6 percent of candidates who sat for the GCE A-level examination last year achieved at least three H2 passes, with a pass in General Paper or Knowledge and Inquiry.

These are the lucky ones who made it and can look forward to a life of gainful employment.

And as a total of 14,025 candidates took the exam last year, this means about 10 percent, or 1,400 of them, have failed.

And are looking at a future where they will face likely stigmatisation.

Boh Tuck Chek, an 18-year-old product of the education system who failed, said he doesn’t expect to be treated as a normal human being from now on: “I believe I brought this upon myself and my family and ancestors. My future employers, girlfriend, pets and her family will regard me as lesser mortal because I can’t study.”

This sentiment is not unique.

Bu Yong Gong, another ‘A’ Level student whose results resemble something like a disaster, said: “There are not many jobs out there if you don’t have a degree. I can try to be a hawker or footballer, but I heard, in Singapore next time, you’d probably need a degree for that as well.”

But all is not lost.

Among those who did not do well, the majority of them said they aspire to be a member of parliament in the future.

They cite Workers’ Party’s Lee Li Lian as an inspiration. She did not excel in her studies, was from the Normal academic stream in secondary school and recently won in the Punggol East by-election to be Singapore’s latest MP.

Wang Qian Kan, another student whose ‘A’ Level results is nothing to be happy about unless those alphabets reflect bra size, said: “I still believe in meritocracy. Because it exists in the political realm. This is where you can be a surgeon with a lot credentials, and still lose.”

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