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Best-selling author Lee Kuan Yew given crappy website as 91st birthday gift

Best-selling author Lee Kuan Yew given crappy website as 91st birthday gift

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Is that all he is getting for giving birth to Singapore personally? Ingrates.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are utterly disgusted by their own actions.

This after it was revealed that best-selling author and professional biography writer, Lee Kuan Yew, who happened to be prime minister of Singapore, has been given a crappy website for his 91st birthday on Sept. 16, 2014.

The website, http://www.happybirthdaylky.org, is accompanied by a social media hashtag #happybirthdayLKY.

Singaporeans interviewed said they are not impressed and this is in fact the highest level of disrespect.

Mei Li Mao, a local, said: “Imagine your grandmother celebrate her 91st birthday. She made it this far in life and had always made sure those she spawned had a better life than her.”

“And then now her birthday you tell her, “Ah Ma, I give you a website and hashtag for your birthday.”

“Then your Ah Ma will say, ‘Ah Boy, website and hashtag can eat one ah? Give me zho simi sai?”

Other Singaporeans agree there are better ways to celebrate Lee Kuan Yew’s birthday that befits his image as a writer and professional biographer.

Poh Lan Pah, a staunch PAP supporter, said: “I think it will be more appropriate to gather the effigies of all his past political opponents and burn them en masse. That would be more celebratory.”

“Also, Singapore should organise a three-month long recital of all of his books.”

Other Singaporeans said more effort needs to be put in or else they will end up looking like ingrates for giving something so intangible to Lee Kuan Yew for his birthday.

Zho Zheng Hu, another Singaporean, said; “All the telcos should automatically update the wallpaper of all phone subscribers to Lee Kuan Yew’s photo for the month of September.”

“And there must be a television channel dedicated to 24-hour programming of Lee Kuan Yew programmes.”

“A website and hashtag? Seriously, is that how we treat the elderly? Especially Lee Kuan Yew, who doesn’t even have a Facebook account because he always thought it was beneath him to have one?”


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