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PAP making S’poreans happier

PAP making S’poreans happier

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Singapore gets bumped up 41 places in this year’s Happy Planet Index compared to 2006 ranking.

Singapore is ranked 90th in the Happy Planet Index 2012 because of the good work PAP has done.

After claiming a resounding 60.1 percent victory in last year’s general election to become the supreme ruling party of Singapore again, the PAP has improved the lives of its citizens by providing a stronger incumbent and opposition in parliament.

This is just one component of our betterment, as Singapore is ranked 90th position out of 151 countries in this year’s Happy Planet Index 2012 released Thursday, which measures how governments provide people with long, happy and sustainable lives based on three factors: life expectancy, happiness and environmental sustainability.

Previously, in 2006, Singapore was ranked a miserable 131 out of 178 countries.

Self-radicalised PAP supporter, Poh Lan Pah, said the jump of 41 places in six years is reflective of PAP’s effective rule.

He said: “The PAP can do no wrong.”

Many reasons account for this improvement.

Oft-cited ones include the many positive developments in the past several years: High inflation, the opening of casinos, depressed wages for locals, a booming property market, an influx of foreigners to boost multiculturalism and providing scholarships for foreign students at the expense of local students.

And the PAP is looking to countries ranked higher for even more valuable lessons and hard truths to derive a greater level of net happiness for Singaporeans.

Learning from countries ranked higher

Coming in tops again this year is Costa Rica.

To follow in their footsteps, Singapore will restructure its economy to focus solely on exporting sugar cane and potassium from now on.

Burma, which is ranked 61, is encouraging Singapore to employ more uniformed personnel.

This is to match Burma’s revered junta.

The happiness index also provides strong indications of what areas Singapore should best avoid to prevent its people from becoming sad and sulky.

A free press, civil liberties and a tolerant culture will be avoided at all cost. Not to mention, legalised gay marriages will not come around for another generation.

This is to prevent Singapore from turning into America, which is ranked 105.

This is not unexpected for the infidel nation that is roughly 70 places lower than Iraq, with its desert and mirages, which is ranked 36.

To come anywhere close to this gulf nation, Singapore is contemplating demolishing large sectors of the business district and turning it into sand.

Here is the full list of countries: