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70% of S’poreans agree SGH Hepatitis C outbreak is no one’s fault

70% of S’poreans agree SGH Hepatitis C outbreak is no one’s fault

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Problem lies with too many questions asked, they said.


Singaporeans from 70 percent walks of life who voted for this, have come out to say that there is not much to be said.

This after an Independent Review Committee has been convened in short notice to investigate how hepatitis C infections occurred at the Singapore General Hospital and to get to the bottom of things to give Singaporeans an answer.

However, only 30 percent felt this move was necessary.

Boh Wei Kong, a Singaporean from the majority, said he sees the issue clearly: “A lot of Singaporeans can tell you straightaway where the problem with the hepatitis C infections lies: Too many people asking too many questions.”

“This has resulted in a lot of information disseminated that would take too much time to process and understand, when people could be busy playing mobile phone games or going on holiday.”

Other locals said they preferred a quieter approach to things instead as the unnecessary details reported daily do not help them understand what happened, so it is better to tune out.

Another local, Tia Buay Teo, said: “For the sake of Singapore and Singaporeans, we must not ask any more inconsiderate questions about what happened. This will only inconvenience the authorities who will then have to be accountable. This process is tedious and eventually untenable.”

“We must always remember why we gave the current government a strong 70 percent mandate this General Election 2015: Because they must do whatever they want, we don’t care.”