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Lee Kuan Yew: ‘I wouldn’t have founded S’pore if I knew she was getting involved in Keppel corruption’

Posted on 01 January 2018

He appeared over the sky briefly on New Year’s Day 2018.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know the words of the true leader of Singapore by heart, are shaking their heads and sighing out loud in disappointment.

This after their belief that Singapore is, was, and always will be corruption-free, was echoed by Lee Kuan Yew, who appeared briefly over the rainy sky on New Year’s Day 2018 to share his disappointment with his people in Singapore.

Singapore was caught red-handed to be involved in an international Keppel corruption case, that has resulted in S$564 million fines.

One Singaporean, Zuo Huai Shi, said: “I heard a familiar, loud booming voice coming from the sky over Marina Bay, saying, ‘2017 had to end on a shameful note for Singapore, getting caught being involved in an international corruption case.'”

“The voice continued, ‘I wouldn’t have founded Singapore if I knew this day would come’.”

Other locals said Lee Kuan Yew’s appearance in the sky is a timely reminder that Singapore must remain an upright nation.

Another local, Tao Jiak, said: “Singapore’s mistake is not about getting involved in corruption overseas, but messing up its clean and green narrative.”

“It would have been okay if Keppel didn’t get caught.”

“Just try to be more careful next time.”



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