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Joo Koon station collision a 624% improvement from SMRT’s 1993 safety record

Posted on 15 November 2017

Number of injured people fell from 156 to 25.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can only hear the good news because bad news is created by people from the opposition, are clapping their hands and praising SMRT.

This after the Joo Koon MRT station collision resulted in 25 people being injured, demonstrating that SMRT’s safety record has vastly improved since 1993, when the last train collision occurred and 156 people were hurt.

One Singaporean, Lang Gah, said: “Cutting the injury rate from 156 to 25 is not easy for such a large corporation.”

“This shows a 624 percent decrease in injury rate. This is proof of SMRT’s commitment to improving safety standards.”

“Even though it took 24 years to reduce the number of injuries from 156 to 25, SMRT will continue to try over the next 24 years to reduce the number of injuries through collisions to four.”

Despite SMRT’s obvious success, more measures will be in place to cut down the number of injuries.

One commuter, Jin Zhuay Lang, said: “I have noticed new measures put in place to ensure fewer injuries from train collisions.”

“These days when I take the train during peak hours, I notice there is no room to move about as the cabins are packed to the brim.”

“This is a good safety measure as packed trains ensure commuters there is no open spaces to fall down on in the event the train crashes.”

“Very forward looking.”



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