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President Tony Tan to personally mend ties with China using his charisma

Posted on 21 May 2017

Someone charismatic and brave like him.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe that a charismatic and strong-willed leader is necessary for effective governance and negotiations in this increasingly tumultuous world, are looking to President Tony Tan for leadership guidance.

This after it has been increasingly clear that a strong and brave leader, such as Tony Tan, is needed to mend ties between Singapore and China.

One Singaporean, Gan En, said she cannot imagine anyone else filling those shoes like Tony Tan can: “Tony Tan is the only one with the testicular fortitude and charisma to confront a superpower such as China and who has the ability to unite Singaporeans in the face of all adversity.”

“He is a great statesman, elected by the people to solve problems and stand up to any difficulties in our path.”

Other locals said President Tony Tan’s unique capabilities are unmatched in the world arena, as he has unanimously won the popular mandate of Singaporeans to represent the interests of this country and his people.

One other local, See Baey Qiang, said: “The way he speaks and how he carries himself is a hallmark of a natural born leader.”

“He is firm and resolute in his beliefs. He can hold a captive audience with his oratory skills and speak off the cuff, and his mannerisms will make anyone he speaks to feel like they are the centre of his attention.”

“His knowledge of world affairs and power relations are second to none.”

“And when he is tough, his resolve is unlike anything that has been seen before.”

“A true-blue politician with true steel.”

At press time, Singaporeans believe President Tony Tan can handle China by himself.



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