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S’poreans urged not to commit crime just to go to same jail as Serina Wee

Posted on 07 April 2017

They will each take turns to go to jail to complete her sentence.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who sometimes let their baser instincts get the better of them, have been advised by the authorities not to do anything foolish.

This after it was discovered that the general sentiment of the population-at-large is that it is okay to commit a crime just to be caught, charged and imprisoned, so as to be held within the same premises as Serina Wee, the Goddess of Nectar and All Things Divine, who will be heading to jail soon.

A state authority, Qu Zuo Lao, said Singaporeans are reminded not to put their future at stake: “We know it is tempting to do something unlawful just to go to prison and feel good knowing you are in the vicinity of Serina Wee, I have to go stab somebody now.”

“I mean, you have to think twice and check yourself and not go about violating the law, excuse me, while I go start a riot.”

“Wait, I mean, if you really have to commit a crime, do it for its own merit and not because it gives you comfort knowing you are within a 1km radius of Serina Wee.”

“I need to go steal something. I mean, be right back.”

At press time, the state has also put to rest all rumours that there is a possibility of organising inter-gender cell group meetings in prison.







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