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Prisoners opt for death penalty if Sun Ho were to replace Serina Wee in jail

Posted on 08 April 2017

They simply cannot accept this sort of cruel punishment.


Thousands of prisoners from all walks of life currently locked up in jail in Singapore, have handwritten and submitted appeals to pass sentences on themselves retroactively calling for the death penalty to be applied to them en masse.

This after they got wind of the appeal filed by Singaporeans collectively calling for Sun Ho to take over Serina Wee’s jail sentence.

Some prisoners started out in their appeal by reasoning that it is unfair for them to be locked up with Sun Ho.

One prisoner, Fan Fa, who wrote a note pleading for leniency, said: “We inmates are already paying for our crimes by being incarcerated in prison. We do not see the need to be further locked up in the same premises as Sun Ho.”

When they realised this might not sway the decision-makers, many changed tact and accused the move to let Sun Ho take over Serina Wee in prison to be a violation of basic human rights.

One other prisoner, Zuo Lao, wrote: “Being locked up in the same cell with Sun Ho constitutes as a cruel and unusual punishment and will be a human rights violation of the grossest magnitude.”

“As prisoners, we have been locked up with the understanding that we will be treated with some basic dignity. Not this.”

However, if all else fails, the prisoners are mentally prepared to take necessary action.

See Leow, another inamte, wrote: “Death is preferable.”

“If a call for leniency is ignored and the calling out of human rights abuses is not heeded, we will have no choice but to choose to be put to death.”

“We shall opt for the death penalty to be applied to us, as this shall be the last resort and the only form of escape.”

At press time, prisoners hoping that Serina Wee will still be the one going to prison have written in favour of extending their imprisonment.







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