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Thousands of S’poreans turned gay after watching Beauty And The Beast

Posted on 16 March 2017

They should have heeded the warning of highly religious Singaporeans.


Thousands of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to watch people sing songs and engage in bestiality, have turned gay.

This after they watched Beauty And The Beast, which featured some gay scenes between two male fictional characters.

As a result of witnessing the event, they have become gay, which is irreversible.

One Singaporean, Tong Xing Lian, said he was half-expecting this to happen, but wasn’t sure if it would really come to pass: “I should have heeded the warning of highly religious Singaporeans when they warned about the effects of watching gay moments.”

“Now I am completely, utterly gay, there is simply no turning back to my straight ways, having been convinced the gay way is the only way.”

Other Singaporeans who witnessed the transformation of their own sexual orientation attributed the changes to the actors movements on screen.

One other local, Kua Hee, said: “These men dressed up in their costumes and sang songs.”

“These are the hallmarks of a provocative liberal gay agitator. This was exactly what the highly religious Singaporeans warned us about.”

“We have no choice but to live with our gay identity from now on.”

At press time, it has been discovered that the upcoming National Day celebrations on Aug. 9 will also feature men dressed up in their costumes and singing songs.







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  • Luke Unum Solum Thurai
  • Peiyi Tan

    Hahahahahahhahahahaha hahahaha hahahhahah

  • SonicPhoon


  • Jigsaw

    Wow , serius lah , so if I watch Beauty and The Beast I would probably kena this gay effect :O , seriously at first I think this news is just a mocking to the religious people , but it seems like its a true story :O

  • Darren Ash

    Hahaha, I really thought that Malaysia is the worst case but Singapore is currently the worst!

  • Rock Rizal

    it Suck to them right now but they do love to suck, right. LOL.

  • Dhurga Naa

    Wow! Less Singaporean babies again! Good reason to bring in more foreigners to offset the population imbalance! LoL!

  • Dhurga Naa

    This is a good marketing for the B & B movie for all those thrill seeking movie audience to go watch the movie till end N test really become Gay! Marketing at it’s peak! LoL!

  • boliao

    this article itself is gay

  • Kang Ph

    This article is gay enough

  • Waid Sheng

    Straight porn could be the solution… Porn anointed with virgin olive oil.

  • Waider Monginzin

    BULLSHITT!!! mn ada jd gay bila tengok movie ni?? org yg tls ni d bwh pengaruh agama kot.. hmph.. gila

  • Paco Sarmiento

    Can’t believe some people still can’t distinguish satire, as evidenced by some of the comments here. *facepalm*

  • Mandy Ping

    It is a satire Please read properly.

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