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S’pore to start taxing air to remind S’poreans of its importance

Posted on 03 March 2017

This will ensure national revenue in future.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe it is their duty to be taxed to ensure the survival of the country and its ruling political party, are happy.

This after they will be taxed for breathing air in a bid to ensure national revenue for Singapore in the future.

Jin Tat Lui, a Singaporean, said: “Since water, an essential resource, is already being taxed, there is no reason air for breathing cannot be taxed as well.”

“By putting a price on air would remind Singaporeans of its importance.”

Other locals said air conservation can be more effective if it is taxed sufficiently.

Another local, Kong Qi, said: “An air tax would remind Singaporeans not to waste air unnecessarily.”

“This will prevent Singaporeans from whining and complaining too much as it will soon cost them some each them they open their mouths to make a remark.”






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  • Kenneth Yeo

    Wells, Singapore is taxing air FYI. It’s called Carbon Tax. Don’t expect a shallow minded person like you to understand instantly. Let me provide you with some education. Clean water is a common pool resource (go read it up). If I were the government and adopt the Nobel Prize winning solution to this issue, I’ll implement incremental charges for water usage for all of you to feel the pain of wasting water. Furthermore, the amount you pay for water as a percentage of the median income of Singaporeans is so little… complain so much for what. Go live in other developed countries and see how much you will be paying for all these essentials that you get for such a low price. We need to do our part to save the environment, government is just penalising those who overuse. If you don’t waste water, there’s no need to be alarmed over this issue.

    • whoose…

      … is the sound of 50% news flying over you head.

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