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S’porean man believed girlfriend when she said she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day

Posted on 14 February 2017

He actually believed her when she said that.


A Singaporean man is paying the price for his rookie mistake this Valentine’s Day on Tuesday as his girlfriend is growing increasingly visibly upset with him in public.

This occurred after he really didn’t buy her anything for the occasion because he really believed her when she said the week before she didn’t want anything on this day.

Zhen Yuan Wang, the boyfriend, said: “I really had no idea what she said is not what she meant. She said to me a week before Valentine’s Day she didn’t want anything? So what was I supposed to believe?”

“Some days she said she didn’t want to make love and she really meant it during those times.”

Other men who are familiar with this situation can only shake their heads and offer their condolences.

Hong Kan Leow, a man who had the same thing happen to him last year, said: “I was very excited at first because I thought my girlfriend was different.”

“But I guess that’s the price you pay for thinking like a normal man.”







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  • Bernard Wong

    Gold diggers field day today..should renamed it Golddiggers day instead of calling it Valentine’s day..

  • Logadharrisini Marimuthu

    She deserves a slap!

  • KenAyagami

    I don’t think public shaming is helping anybody.. especially for a problem as small as this..

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  • Jasmine

    What kind of gf is this that wan to shame her bf inside the public, boy wake up go find a other girl this type of girl is cannot be wife one.

  • Kay

    Why do people believe this nonsense, making women seems so horrible?
    We, the women, are then Zhen yuan wang, 真冤枉。

    • Lacri

      because there are women out there doing exactly what you think is nonsense

  • Cheyenne Cje

    Break up with that materialistic bitch.

  • Bryan Lim

    50% real news.

  • Rosamundwo

    Men can never understand women

    • Christopher Michael Villadelga

      Women struggle with honesty.

    • ThisAdulthere

      Trying to understand quantum physics is easier than trying to understand women

  • Skylener

    ya. they do not want anything. They want something in specific

  • Dagez

    I’m a woman and I don’t understand why she said she didn’t want anything when the opposite was true. If the fella cares enough to ask then just tell him lah! Why create such a misunderstanding? And to humiliate him like that.. that’s really childish. Anyway Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about getting presents. There are so many other ways to celebrate love!

  • Johann Teh

    She’s not worth keeping!!

  • MeLi Na

    Girls are not hard to understand. It just takes the right one. If she’s hard to understand, just leave bruh. She aint a keeper

  • Jon Doe

    Leave her.

  • Leina Nightray

    Childish girl. Thinks that life is like a shoujo manga. You’ll find someone better, guy.

  • Seraphino Huang

    Up-vote if you understand that stuff on this website isn’t supposed to be taken seriously.

  • Gandhi Azari Hedwar Boer

    valentine day is girl give a gift to boy, rite? if boy give a gift to girl is thanksgiving, am i wrong all this time?

  • Shan Kissdani

    Any man who can go down on his knees like has lost his dignity. How can any girl respect him?

  • valentine

    “Where there is love, there is life.” – Mahatma Ghandi, Civil Rights Leader

  • Shan Kissdani

    Why should you feel you have to pay a price for thinking like a normal man? If I were you, I’d dump a girl like her instantly. If she wants to play games then let her go and play games with other stupid people. DUMP HER NOW! Where is your self pride? Kneeling like a eunuch before an entitled woman. You bring shame to manhood. I respect women who have class greatly, but not idiots like your girlfriend.