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Police to be accompanied by adults when interviewing young suspects

Posted on 07 January 2017

Good move.


Soon, the police will be accompanied by adults when interviewing young suspects below the age of 16 under criminal investigation in Singapore.

This after it was revealed trained adult volunteers whose job at police interviews will be to look out for signs of distress as well as aiding communication and providing emotional support, will be deployed to keep an eye out on the other adults in the room.

One Singaporean, Teo Lia, said she fully agrees with this move: “Adult supervising adults will lead to good outcomes.”

“That’s why there are things such as religion, where a bigger guy on top checks on the smaller guy below, to make sure no lines are crossed.”

Other locals said other adults being in the same room to watch adults interacting with minors would not be a problem.

Another local, Chen Zhan, said: “The adults must remain neutral and not advocate for the police, nor provide legal advice or disrupt the course of justice in any way.”

“Their job is to provide moral support.”







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