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Singtel engineer resolves Internet outage by turning off & on main CPU

Posted on 04 December 2016

He was shocked this method even works.


A Singtel engineer has single-handedly resolved the the broadband Internet outage in Singapore.

This after he went into the backroom to turn off and on the main CPU, giving this method a shot after all else has failed and was surprised that it worked.

The engineer, Xiu Li, said: “I was thinking initially that this advice would not work because it is the standard advice helplines always provide.”

“Little did I know that it did.”

“To think we spent 24 hours troubleshooting.”

At press time, the engineer was informed he would get one extra day off as a reward for stopping what is the biggest Internet down time in the history of Singapore and the world caused by a single service provider.







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  • Tan Kae Ming


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  • Dave

    By switching on/off the main still doesn’t solve the problem, the problem will re – appear when times come by.

    • Tan Daxin

      Then he will get another off day when the problems reappear. (:

  • AmeShinra Steve Shin

    Stupidity .this is not thought of within first few try lmao try harder to be convincing pls

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