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Ordinary S’poreans take responsibility for Singtel Internet outage

Posted on 14 December 2016

We need to protect senior management from blame.


Thousands of ordinary Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe it is good to take the blame because that is a core tenet of responsibility, have owned up and taken responsibility for the Singtel broadband Internet outage.

This after no one in authority has taken responsibility for the downing of the Internet in Singapore on Dec. 3 that left hundreds of thousands of people stranded with no cyberspace to enter.

One Singaporean citizen, Guai Wo, said: “It is a matter of national duty. I am just doing my part for Singaporean society and for my leaders, especially senior management.”

“I take full responsibility for the Singtel broadband Internet outage. Singaporeans can point their fingers at me and say that it is my fault as no one in authority has come out to take the blame.”

However, other locals said this will not resolve the issue.

Another local, Siow Pah, said: “It is not enough for thousands of ordinary Singaporeans to take the blame.”

“We need to blame one another who is not in authority. This is a result of natural aristocracy.”

At press time, Singaporeans remembered that there is no such thing as a blame culture in Singapore anymore and this episode is part of a learn culture.







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