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Nathan Hartono finished 2nd on Sing! China because S’pore make China angry

Posted on 08 October 2016

He could have finished first if Singapore played Chinese ball.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe diplomacy comes in hard and soft forms, have diagnosed why singer with some Singaporean roots, Nathan Hartono, finished in second place in the Sing! China competition in Beijing.

This after Singapore has refused to play ball with Beijing in Southeast Asia territorial disputes by deferring to principles and international law and have been seen cosying up to Washington.

One Singaporean, Hong Kan Leow, said: “Before Nathan Hartono even sang the first song in the final, I already knew the result.”

“Diplomacy, like soft power, comes in soft and hard forms. This is just a taste of what will happen when we think we can snub a growing superpower.”

However, other locals praised Singapore for taking a stand and fighting the good fight.

Yin Dor, another local, said: “Suddenly, this territorial dispute has involved Singapore, Indonesia and China.”

“Really makes you wonder what will Singapore do straddling between two superpowers the United States and China.”

At press time, Nathan Hartono looks set to win the next season of American Idol.







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