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SMRT firing train driver shows CEO serious about taking responsibility for small fry

Posted on 19 September 2016

Good to admit he is wrong via his employee.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe karma is eventually real and will rear its ugly head, are nodding their heads and clapping their hands in agreement.

This after transport operator SMRT Corp fired the train driver who was involved in a fatal track accident that killed two of his colleagues in March.

One Singaporean, Fu Zhe Ren, said this is a good sign: “SMRT firing its train driver after such an accident shows that the management of the company is willing to come out to take the difficult steps and admit its own employee is wrong.”

“This just shows how healthy the culture is as its CEO is serious about taking responsibility for the small fry.”

“To face up to public criticism like this, is no mean feat.”

Other locals said the SMRT CEO is a brave man for sheltering his staff from public abuse by ensuring he himself still has a job and be the lightning road for criticism, while his former employee can no longer be blamed as he is now unemployed.

Another local, Yong Gan, said: “I seldom see such brave behaviour on the part of CEOs, to come out openly and claim responsibility on behalf of his employee.”

“If this happened in other organisations, I’m pretty sure the first to go would be the whole board of directors and management.”

“So, it is good that SMRT CEO managed to save many jobs by having one person take the blame for all.”

“The last thing we need is a CEO who doesn’t admit he is wrong or make a sound, despite heading one of the largest public-listed companies in Singapore.”







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