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Millions of S’poreans file appeal for Sun Ho to take Serina Wee’s place in jail

Posted on 21 September 2016

They deem Sun Ho’s lack of punishment as manifestly inadequate.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can recognise right from wrong easily without difficulty, have filed an appeal on behalf of Serina Wee.

This after Serina Wee and five other convicted former leaders of City Harvest Church are in court appealing against both their conviction and sentences.

The appeal the millions of Singaporeans collectively filed together on behalf of Serina Wee, proposed that Sun Ho replaced The Goddess of Nectar and All Things Divine in prison instead, where she was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment and is looking to reduce the term.

One Singaporean, Qing Chu, who can see things clearly, said: “For Sun Ho to get away scot-free is manifestly inadequate.”

“Serina Wee wouldn’t have to go to prison if Sun Ho did not have pop idol fantasies in the first place.”

Other Singaporeans said an appeal for Sun Ho to go to prison will serve as a deterrent sentence.

Another Singaporean, Qu Zuo Lao, said: “As Sun Ho has now been appointed as City Harvest Church’s new leader moving forward, a prison sentence will be the only way to deter her from leading.”

“And everybody knows and agrees that if Serina Wee was the one who fronted the Crossover Project, everyone on Earth would have converted already.”







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