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S’poreans thought they saw Lee Kuan Yew in the sky, but too hazy, couldn’t tell

Posted on 26 August 2016

They remained composed and checked their senses like good logical Singaporeans.

Photo by Mediacock Singapore

Photo by Mediacock Singapore

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who were standing in the outdoors on Aug. 26 to pay their last respects, were almost shocked to see Lee Kuan Yew appear in the sky but remained composed as they couldn’t confirm if it was him because it was too hazy.

One Singaporean, Yan Hen Duo, said: “I looked up at the sky for a brief moment because I was overwhelmed with emotion and thought I saw Lee Kuan Yew looking down from above.”

“But then I blinked once to check my senses and suddenly he was gone.”

“So I can’t be sure if it was him or the haze playing tricks on my eyes.”

Other locals who also claimed to see Lee Kuan Yew in the sky said they were somewhat certain it was him but would not put their money on it.

Gong Ji Kim, another local, said: “The certainty of seeing Lee Kuan Yew in the sky is not as great as the guaranteed returns I’ll get on my CPF money every year, so I don’t think I am confident.”

“But this is not to say that the guaranteed returns on my CPF savings is very high, just that the probability it was Lee Kuan Yew is very, very low.”







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