PAP praised for keeping fight clean by not smearing Chee Soon Juan’s wife & children yet

Posted on 03 May 2016

They have successfully constrained their personal attacks to the candidate himself.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe elitism and arrogance are the main causes of downfall for any country, have praised the PAP this Bukit Batok by-election campaign period.

This after the PAP has kept the fight clean by not smearing Singapore Democratic Party’s candidate Chee Soon Juan’s wife and children yet.

One Singaporean, Pi Ping, said: “The PAP leaders have kept a tight discipline on their personal attacks. They have directed them only at Chee Soon Juan and actively avoided dragging his wife and kids through the mud.”

“It is good to see the PAP ministers consciously narrowing their scope of attack by character assassinating the main candidate and not questioning how or why Chee’s wife is in this and where does she get her funding from.”

“Such gentlemanly behaviour.”

Other locals said this bodes well for Singapore in general as the politics can appear as clean and green as the country.

Long Kang, another local, said: “The PAP are just being completely derisive with Chee Soon Juan only and this brand of gutter politics is befitting of Singapore’s First World stature.”

“If the PAP can subtly question what are the motivations of the whole Chee family without looking like they want to go all out to mudsling at them, this will mark the breaking of new ground in Singapore politics as the PAP is ensuring the cleanliness of the fight by not getting dirty themselves.”

“And this can show the world they prefer to rely more on pork barrel politics instead.”






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