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Winning Star Awards trophy makes artistes prone to vehicular accidents: Study

Posted on 17 April 2016

The more trophies one wins, the more prone one is to crashing.


Scientists from all walks of life, who believe in cold hard, irrefutable facts, have discovered that the Star Awards trophy is the main cause of vehicular accidents.

This after one method actress was asked by the police to assist in an alleged drink-driving case recently.

One scientist, Hongxing Da Jiang, who spent his entire professional career studying the cause and effect of Star Awards, said: “The recent news is vindication and a step closer to a Nobel Prize.”

“This is the like the fourth time that a Star Awards winner has been involved in a vehicular accident. There was the curry png actor, who was involved in another minor accident last year, and then there was this taxi meter-smashing host.”

“And then there was this other actor who had to be jailed after causing a motorcyclist to lose his toe as a result of colliding with him with his car.”

“I’m also starting on a new theory that winning big at the Star Awards also leads to memory loss subsequently.”

“Saying, ‘Do you know who I am?’, is clear evidence of the toll over the years that acting has taken on the actress involved in the latest accident.”

“She actually has to be reminded that she is just someone who appears on television, executing lines and performing actions that other people have written for her on her behalf.”

At press time, the nation of Singapore is on high alert as another major accident looks set in the near horizon.







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