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S’poreans react to 80% of respondents agreeing S’pore has good public transport system

Posted on 04 April 2016

Three thoughts you must have had.


According to a Reach survey released on April 4, 2016, 80 percent of Singapore residents agreed that the country has a good public transport system, up from 74 percent last year.

Some 66 percent agreed that public transport in Singapore is generally affordable, up from 63 per cent last year.

In terms of bus wait time, 37 percent of those polled felt that the wait time has improved compared to a year ago, while 10 percent said it is longer.

As for bus crowdedness, 39 percent said it is less crowded now than a year ago, while 20 percent felt that it is more crowded.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “By next year, 120 percent will agree Singapore has a good public transport system.”
Yi Bai Fen, 43-year-old teacher


sian-half-uncle “There is always room for improvement when you ownself check ownself.”
Zuo Ba Shi, 63-year-old paper bag folder


happy-bird-girl “It’s a pity buses and trains are getting better and ministers are still not riding them.”
Ke Xi, 17-year-old flyer distributor










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