S’poreans support SDP’s Bukit Batok SMC bid, christen electoral battle a #cheebyelection

Posted on 20 March 2016

Singaporeans shout out loud to celebrate SDP’s candidacy.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have waited their whole lives for this day, are raising their voices jubilantly and pumping their fists into the air as they collectively shout “Chee by-election!” with utmost enthusiasm.

This after the Singapore Democratic Party announced that its chief Chee Soon Juan will run as a candidate for the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election.

One Singaporean, Gong Pai Wei, said he will celebrate this occasion by shouting non-stop: “Chee by-election! Chee by-election!”

“I can’t wait for this Chee by-election to get started!”

Other Singaporeans said a Chee by-election is what happens when a PAP MP gets involved with another woman who is not his wife.

Yia Leow Loh, another local, said: “Then the PAP MP would have to step down.”

“Because this Chee by-election is a result of infidelity.”

“This Chee by-election is a result of ‘With you, for you, in you’.”

“I love this #cheebyelection so much.”

At press time, Singaporeans have no qualms saying “Chee by-election” out loud on radio, TV or on Facebook because it is the truth.

Majulah to #cheebyelection. Good job Bukit Batok residents.

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