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S’poreans intimidated when Home Affairs Minister firmly said police not intimidating

Posted on 05 March 2016

It was the way he said it, they said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can be convinced by arguments without being bludgeoned with facts and style of rhetoric, said they feel intimidated.

This after they heard Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam speak in parliament rebutting the claims that the police might have been somewhat responsible for the passing of a teenager as they were intimidating.

One Singaporean, Hai Pah, said: “The minister asserted himself via his long speech in parliament that the police were not intimidating and acted reasonably.”

“But it was just the way he said it. It came off quite intimidating, like assertive, firm and too convincing, the way he defended the police.”

“It was like he came to parliament with a long sheet filled with facts and was prepared to demolish all dissenting voices to the ground because he knew exactly what the talking points were and how to set the agenda.”

“And he had all his points ready to rebut any doubt anyone possessed.”

“He spoke in such a sure, calm and forceful manner, there was no way you could disagree.”

“That was pretty scary.”






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