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Lee Kuan Yew appears in sky, tells S’poreans paying tribute to him to go back to work as economy stalling at 2% per annum

Posted on 21 March 2016

We are not Australia where we can rely on natural resources, he berates hordes of well-wishers.


A frustrated Lee Kuan Yew appeared in the sky over Singapore with arms akimbo, while looking increasingly agitated this afternoon.

This after hordes of Singaporeans from all walks of life spent their Monday going to various tribute sites located island-wide to remember the late Lee Kuan Yew by.

This caused the first prime minister of Singapore to berate his people, telling them to get their priorities right as they should be at work and not taking time off on a weekday.

A well-wisher, Kum Lan, who went to a tribute site instead of spending more time in the office, said she was told to promptly get lost by the ex-prime minister: “I was at Duxton area paying my respects to Lee Kuan Yew at one of the pop-up tribute sites because it is near my office in Tanjong Pagar.”

“And then all of a sudden, I saw Lee Kuan Yew looking at me from above. He was shining in the sky and he asked me if I was in Brisbane.”

“I said ‘No, Sir. I am proud to be Singaporean in Singapore.'”

“And then he said I should really get lost because only in Australia can people afford not to work and the economy does not stagnate.”

Other Singaporeans who were out and about thinking they can put in 20 minutes of respect-paying time were duly told to get off their laurels and haul Singapore out of the economic doldrums.

Another local, Jiak Zhua, said: “And then this familiar booming voice came from above and it said: ‘This is not a game of cards. Does the economy look like it is humming along at 10 percent per annum? Do you think your HDB monthly installments will automatically pay for itself?'”

“Upon hearing that, I felt the immediate wrath of Lee Kuan Yew bearing down on my mortal body.”

“And then Lee Kuan Yew made me promise not to leave the office until after 10pm for this week and the next, and that I shall not partake in any of the lame tribute events lined up because they do nothing for the economy.”

“I must say, he is right.”






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