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Actress Rebecca Lim retires a day after S$9.5 million Toto prize won by one System 7 ticket

Posted on 12 February 2016

Singaporeans note the coincidence of the timing.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe there are no such things as coincidences especially in showbiz, have noted the coincidental timing of Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim’s retirement announcement.

This after Lim said on social media that she is retiring but did not provide any explanation but said she will answer any questions soon.

This has led to the conclusion that it is not a coincidence that the single winner of the S$9.5 million Toto prize money occurred just the day before.

One Singaporean, Puah Keow, said he felt sorry for the actress: “It is truly unfortunate that Rebecca Lim can only retire from showbiz at the mature age of 29 years old and under such circumstances.”

“If Rebecca Lim was unlucky enough not to win the lottery, she might have to slog for her entire life in Mediacorp until she is about 40-plus years old.”

“Then she would have to continue to perform for an audience that would demand more from her than she can afford to give in this fickle-minded, social media-mediated, attention-deficient age.”

“She certainly does not have the good fortune of other actresses, such as Fiona, who got to quit younger without having to luck out.”

“Such a travesty.”






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