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S’poreans express concern SG50 red logo dot will turn into Japan flag by next year

Posted on 03 January 2016

They hope Singapore is not reverting back to Syonan-to, they said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who treasure the Singaporean way of life and are fully aware of what happened during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore during World War II, have come out to express their concerns.

This after the Ministry of Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) put out the latest development of the SG50 red logo dot by removing the “50” and preserving only the “SG”.

This sparked widespread fear among the population as Singaporeans expressed their concern that the logo might become the Japanese flag by 2017, once the “SG” word is also removed and the country might be renamed Syonan-to.

One Singaporean, Zi Poon Kwee, said he feared for his life and for his family’s safety: “If Singapore becomes Syonan-to again, does it mean we have to eat sweet potato and ration water for three years and eight months?”

“I hope the government can come out and clarify this issue because I have paid the down payment for my executive condo unit already.”

Other Singaporeans, however, were more hopeful.

Oh Tah Koo, another local, who also wants to be called Matsumoto Hiroshi, said: “Kawaii desu ka!”

“Japanese culture number one!”







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