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S’poreans pray for haze as summon aunties return to work outdoors putting an end to free illegal parking

Posted on 03 November 2015

They are going to make up for lost time by exceeding quota.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who had had it up to here tearing coupons all their lives, are once again back to living their lives in constant fear and hatred.

This after the haze in Singapore has taken a turn for the better with PSI levels falling island-wide and looking to reach normal levels again after two months of haze.

This signals that all personnel are allowed outdoors, which means summon aunties can return to work issuing parking tickets with a vengeance.

One Singaporean, Jia Qi Che, said: “The haze has opened my eyes to what paradise is like when I can park anywhere my heart pleases.”

“Now I have to go back to living in constant fear that my coupon has expired.”

Summon aunties have clarified that they will not be giving chance as they have to make up for lost time.

One summon auntie, Orh Gong, said: “I’m back, bitches.”






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