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S’poreans cry in gratitude after witnessing Lee Kuan Yew gently blow haze away

Posted on 01 November 2015

He promised to take care of Singapore five-ever, which is longer than four-ever.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who wish there was someone capable enough who can make the haze go away, got their wish fulfilled when they least expected it.

This after thousands of Singaporeans saw Lee Kuan Yew appear in the sky over Marina Bay Sands all of a sudden and gently blow the haze away with his mouth back in the direction of Indonesia.

One Singaporean, Chui Tiao, said she was initially shocked to see such a sight but was quickly overcome by emotion: “When Lee Kuan Yew said that he was going to get up if he felt something is going wrong even when he is lowered into his grave, I thought he meant it metaphorically.”

“This incident has taught me he meant everything he said and he will forever take care of Singapore.”

“Actually, he will take care of Singapore five-ever.”

However, other Singaporeans were quick to capitalise on the situation.

Another Singaporean, Cai Hong, said he initially thought Lee Kuan Yew will at most appear as a rainbow to symbolically remind Singaporeans he is here with us: “I did not expect him to be so in-your-face, but I guess that’s how he was in life.”

“And I guess him being Lee Kuan Yew, he will always be unreasonable with his standards and achieve whatever he wants.”

“I wonder if he can help my son with his O-level exams by whispering the correct answer to him though?”

“You think?”






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