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Fashionable Balmain x H&M shoppers complained: ‘Clothes not expensive enough, that’s why long queue’

Posted on 05 November 2015

They demand retailers jack up prices beyond reach of plebeians.


Fashionably forward Balmain x H&M shoppers from some walks of life, who spent some of their loose change on clothes, bags and accessories, have come out to criticise retailers in Singapore.

This after they found themselves having to queue outside a H&M store at Somerset for three days with 400-plus people who belong to the regular masses, just so they could enter inside to buy something.

Worse, when they entered, they found everything priced below their expectations, which made them realised it wasn’t worth the wait.

Chuan Yee Foo, a fashionable lady who bought thousands of dollars worth of clothes when she could have easily forked out tens of thousands of dollars, said she cannot believe how cheap things were: “If I had known it was going to cost a mere thousand dollars, I wouldn’t have spent the time waiting in line. Now I feel violated having queued just for this.”

“If only things were more expensive, none of this would have happened.”

Other fashionable people said the lack of tiered pricing is what is causing public spaces to be accessible to all, resulting in long queues for others who would rather not have to endure this.

Tai Duo Ren, another fashionable person who believes good things are for people who can afford the premium, said: “You do not see people queuing overnight to buy Ferrari and Hermès, so I don’t see why this logic cannot be applied to Balmain x H&M.”

“Now I would have to think twice about wearing the Balmain x H&M clothes I bought since I’m sure there will be at least a dozen people wearing the same thing.”

“I don’t think it is special anymore.”

“I hope retailers in Singapore can address this problem of overcrowding by making things more affordable for those who can afford them.”






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