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S’poreans glad Indonesia generous enough to allow S’pore to put out forest fires now they’re done burning

Posted on 08 October 2015

A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Bilateral relations between Singapore and Indonesia have warmed up even further today.

This after Indonesia said it is okay for Singapore to help put out forest fires they have started that have been causing haze all over the Southeast Asia region.

This caused Singaporeans to feel that Indonesia is very generous.

One Singaporean, Hei Koo, who has asthma, said: “Thank you Indonesia for opening their hearts and minds. Singaporeans appreciate Indonesia’s generosity in allowing us to step in to put out the fires for them.”

“Singaporeans must thank Indonesia profusely for even obliging and giving this some consideration. They really didn’t have to.”

Other Singaporeans said they cannot believe how well Indonesia is taking this offer of help.

Yuan Shou, another local, said: “I would have thought Indonesia wouldn’t even consider accepting Singapore’s help because Singapore is so small and it wants to help one of the most populous countries in the world today.”

“I would have thought this back-and-forth of accepting and rejecting would go on forever or at least another year but they accepted it after two months.”

“So fast. And so decisive.”






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  • The Wrath Of Grapes

    Ya, key is they have done with the burning. The fertilizers (burnt ashes) are in place. Now, for the watering – so Singapore, Malaysia, Russia and Japan now can come in to help with irrigating the cleared land for the next planting. Neat.