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S’pore successfully relocates east of M’sia to get away from haze as short term measure

Posted on 14 October 2015

Malaysia land mass will serve as filter for Singapore.


In a bid to resolve the haze issue, Singapore has successfully uprooted from its current location south of the Malay Peninsula and moved eastward to the side of the landmass instead.

This is to get away from the haze blowing from Sumatra.

However, Singapore officials are quick to announce that this relocation will only be a short term measure.

One official, Ban Jia, said: “Since we’re a Little Red Dot, it is easy for us to relocate when we feel like it and have to.”

“But it has to be noted that this move is only a short term measure to resolve the haze issue as we will be using the Malay Peninsula as a filter to absorb most of the particulate and smoke.”

“We will eventually need to move back to the south of the peninsula landmass as Singapore still needs to maintain its status as a port of call and as the busiest port in the world.”

Some Singaporeans who heard of this move were not entirely convinced.

One local, Qu Na Lee, said: “I’d prefer Singapore move further north closer to Hong Kong.”

“Heard the weather there is quite nice this time of the year.”






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