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S’pore authorities ban unauthorised laughter to combat effects of haze

Posted on 13 October 2015

Authorities insist they are not using one thing to justify doing another thing.

By David Tan


Amidst the persistent clouds of smog enveloping the island of Singapore, various government ministries are chipping in to help keep the effects of Indonesia’s gift to Singapore at bay.

The latest ministry to join the fray is the Ministry of Information Organisation and Networks (MinION).

MinION has since announced a new licensing scheme for comedies and other material of a humorous nature to register.

Under this licensing scheme, all blogs, websites, news channels, even Twitter and Facebook feeds that may elicit some form of laughter will have to fill up forms and register with the MinION Commissioner of Humorous Affairs as part of a broader effort aimed at regulating potentially unhealthy laughter during the haze crisis.

“One of the biggest dangers facing Singaporeans during this haze crisis is unauthorised laugher,” said the MinION Minister during the launch event.

He also said: “Anything which has the potential to cause breathing difficulties and undermine the contingency plans we have in place is a danger.”

He went on to add that it is our civic duty to ensure that content generators do not cause such uproarious laughter that may endanger the health of others.

If identified, humorous content generators will be required to pay a $50,000 registration fee and comply with any takedown requests of unauthorised funny material within the hour, lest they have their deposit forfeited.

“The goal of this scheme is not to stifle laugher,” said the Minister, “but it is rather to show that we care about your well-being. We are funny people ourselves, but we must also take fun seriously, and be responsible with our laughter”.






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