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Smoking clubber insists he’s dressed as Indon Haze for Halloween party upset bouncers denied him entry

Posted on 31 October 2015

Apparently, his smoke-producing mouth was too realistic for clubs’ liking.


A Singaporean party-goer dressed up as the Indonesian haze for this weekend’s Halloween-themed nightclub events has been left upset and dejected.

This after he was turned away at multiple clubs on Friday evening and the early hours of Saturday morning as bouncer after bouncer denied him entry into their premises because they didn’t accept his reasoning that his chain-smoking of cigarettes was so that he didn’t want to break character as the Indonesian haze.

The clubber, Sio Hoon Kee, said he is frustrated as a result: “I don’t understand how clubs in Singapore have been encouraging clubbers to dress up for Halloween parties across the island, but turned me away again and again.”

“It sucks that I put in so much effort to look the part of the Indonesian haze and be ultra realistic about things and then some meathead guarding the door decides I cannot enter his club just because I don’t fall into his overly simplistic view of the world.”

“All I wanted was to be realistic with my outfit and continuously produce smoke like the Indonesian haze, which shows no signs of stopping.”

Clubbers from all walks of life in Singapore, who do enjoy taking a drag and wished that they could do that on the dance floor again, said they empathise with Indon Haze Man, as the now-famous clubber is called.

One clubber, Hu Lee Jin, who was dressed for Halloween as a foxy nurse with thigh-high slits on both sides of her white uniform that looked tainted with mysterious stains on the front and back, said: “I also bemoan this lack of creativity and imagination in Singapore.”

“If a man shows up for a Halloween party smoking cigarettes and calls himself the Indonesian Haze, you should pat him on the back and say ‘Good job circumventing the rules’ instead of throwing him out.”

“It is the letter of the law that the bouncers and club management are following when they should be embracing the spirit of it.”

“Since this is Halloween, we should be embracing spirits.”

At press time, more clubbers claiming to be dressed up as the Indonesian Haze for Halloween is expected this weekend.






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