Reporters who ask many questions have no place in 70% mandate S’pore society

Posted on 21 October 2015

Majority of Singaporeans do not remember voting for this.


Singaporeans from 70 percent walks of life are up in arms and chastising The Straits Times reporter Rachel Chang.

This after Chang wrote an article asking questions and suggesting that public officers and medical professionals, in both the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and the Ministry of Health (MOH), may have delayed the disclosure of information of a Hepatitis C outbreak to the minister and the public for political reasons.

One Singaporean, Shou Bu Leow, said: “I don’t know if she got the memo, but there is no place in Singapore for a reporter whose sole interest is asking difficult questions and getting at the truth.”

“Who does she think she is? 70 percent of Singaporeans did not vote for this type of wayward behaviour.”

“I don’t remember voting for this during General Election 2015.”

Other Singaporeans said the new 70 percent mandate climate has made it loud and clear that reporters with an agenda to ask questions will be promptly dismissed.

One local, Qu Si Bah, said: “If Rachel Chang wants to ask so many questions and put the government in a tough position, she should just join the opposition and get voted into parliament.”

“That is the only venue to ask tough questions. Actually even then…”






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  • Ethan Lei

    Well said! Rachael shouldn’t single-handedly try to improve Singapore’s Press Freedom ranking because that will be detrimental to the stability of Singapore. And Singaporeans have spoken.

    the various public offices didn’t make a mistake, so no apology is needed and we should move on. It’s not like the information was delayed and critically cost anyone anything.

    After all, that’s why Chee Soon Juan wrote this question. Which hasn’t been answered, even after her similar question, because it doesn’t matter.

    • sgkeyboardwarrior

      Indeed. Ownself check ownself is the only correct way of handling things.