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More should have been done to conceal SGH-Hep C outbreak until end 2016

Posted on 09 October 2015

That would have been ideal.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are healthy and hepatitis A, B and C negative, have come out to strongly condemn Singapore General Hospital.

This after SGH revealed that there was a hepatitis C spread several months ago in one of their wards where kidney failure patients were residing and the news was made known in October after the General Election 2015.

One Singaporean, Yeo Ji, said SGH should have done more on their part: “I am disappointed that the news of this Hep C outbreak was made known after keeping it secret from the pubic for several months.”

“More should have been done by SGH to keep it further under wraps, preferably until the end of 2016.”

“It is disheartening to see SGH working on a time scale that is not here nor there, not immediate and not enough to look like a cover up.”

Other locals said this news bodes well for the state of medicine in Singapore and there is no need to work up a fuss about it.

Ai Zi Ping, another Singaporean, said: “At least it is only a Hepatitis C outbreak and not an AIDS-Ebola-small-pox-chlamydia outbreak.”

“And we only find out it has been happening since before GE2011.”






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