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Voters: We’d rather vote for dishonest parties than the PAP

Posted on 07 September 2015

This after PAP had the audacity to say vote for party that is honest.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who like to call a spade a spade have come out to pledge allegiance to parties that are not PAP.

This after PAP reminded voters to vote for a party that is honest this General Election 2015.

One Singaporean, Gao Chor Boh, who heard this, said: “If that is the case, I would have to spoil my vote.”

However, other Singaporeans who are more hopeful of the situation, said all is not lost.

Another voter, Yew Si Wang, said: “I would rather vote for dishonest parties than the PAP.”

“At least parties that are dishonest are being dishonest, and there is still some honesty about that.”

“This is way better than being dishonest and trying to act honest.”

At press time, Singaporeans said this is the most honest statement they have heard in a long time about dishonesty.






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  • Andrew Tung

    Honestly I haven’t met any honest person yet.